Tree removal is necessary and can be quite dangerous if not completed properly, especially near power lines, roadways and other high traffic right of ways…our experienced, knowledgeable and adequately equipped team can remove any tree safely, ensuring that no further damage or harm occurs. If a dead or dying tree needs to be removed or you suspect it is suffering from a disease of infestation, it is critical to hire a professional you can trust and depend on. The saftey of others are crucial. Oro Valley Tree Service offers our professional tree removal services.

Committed to Safety

If we will clear out deadwood from an area that could pose dangers, you can rest assured that safety is our first concern. We are always personally suited up with the necessary with safety gear, equipment, tools and the procedures that will allows us to efficiently and effectively remove any hazards and restore your property back to safety.

Tree Removal Services for Oro Valley | Tucson, Arizona

We also can provide tree services on a contract basis for the Oro Valley area. Each of our contracts are specific and because no property is identical, no two contracts will be. What is identical in our tree services is that we provide timely, reliable and safe tree care and tree removal services. When a big storm comes through, you can stay calm knowing we will be out to your property in a timely manner and assess if there are any major issues and remove any trees.

Tree Removal Services for Oro Valley, Arizona

If there is a tree causing an issue near power lines or other types of utility lines preventative tree care can save the company a great deal of stress, headache, time and money. Our company is experienced and qualified to handle tree removal near right of ways. If you see a sickly looking tree, contact us before the next storm blows it over… this could save you households of distressed families and chaos.


Emergency Tree Removal

No one can predict what the results of a severe storm are but we can assure you that this Tucson Arborist is here for you if an area you’re responsible for needs emergency tree removal. Diseased Trees, Dead Trees and Dying Tree come down at even the most unexpected times. Whether you call us before it has landed or after – our tree removal specialists can be reached at all times and can remove the tree before it causes more damages.